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— Tuesday, January 18, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:18:58 PM ET

01/18/05- Roundup time

News from the past couple of days:
  • CNC DEN is starting newsletter feature again. They also have two new Zero Hour maps, 15 new Zero Hour replays, and a Renegade-themed music video from Tesla7zap. In addition, CNC DEN is celebrating its third anniversary. Congrats to Lion and the staff!
  • The Vietnam Reborn team has uploaded 5 new renders and a screenshot.
  • EA's Aaron, community manager for BFME and other EA games, made a post on the Middle Earth MW forums. A brief snippet:
    I think it is also an extremely important point for you guys to remember that quite often EA can put a very high quality fun title out almost EVERY year. You got Generals in early 2003, Zero Hour not too long after in the same year, and a little bit more than a year later after that you get TBFME. All three games have an average review rating higher than 80% which by the most hardcore and casual gamers standards, is a very good worthy game.
    The rest can be read here.
  • The First Tiberium War and Cold War Crisis won awards in ModDB's recent awards for 2004 contest.
  • CNC Reborn has released a render of the Nod Tick Tank.
  • Imperial Assault has released a demo mission. It's their first one and weighs in a 66MB.