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— Saturday, January 8, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 9:32:02 AM ET

01/08/05-- Crimson Dawn Updates, others

News from the last few days:
  • First, like MicScoTho mentioned, I must give a hearty congratulations to CNC Series. It's great to have them back.
  • CNC DEN has a new map up, "Stoney Batter." It was made by Lion, the webmaster. They also have four new replays.
  • True War 2, a ZH mod, has released a new render and screenshot.
  • The Road to Moscow mod has released a couple of new renders. They also are looking for a skinner.
  • CNC Crimson Dawn has annouced that they will have their own EXE, and that they will not be requiring a CD to play. For more info on their current updates, see this thread in their forums.
  • Petroglyph Games made up of many former Westwood Studios employees has annouced that their game will be called: "STAR WARS: EMPIRE AT WAR." They expect to release more infomation soon, and the game is due out in late 2005. They were also featured in two major PC magazines recently: PCZone of the UK and Computer Gaming World in the 'States. Planet CNC has scans of both of the articles.
  • Speaking of Planet CNC, they are now covering military advances as well, and they started this off with some news on High Powered Microwave Research. Sounds a bit like Generals, doesn't it?