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— Thursday, January 6, 2005 —

Posted By: Renaissance at 6:32:05 AM ET

SAGE engine Breakthrough!!

The Blitzkrieg2 team has forged forward as they have successfully implemented a deployable/redeployable towed artillery. That’s right, artillery which can be towed deployed, packed up, towed, and redeployed. Previous attempts of this kind have been unsuccessful in the Generals/ZH SAGE engine. Click here to see it in action. Congrats to the mod team on this grand development.

As well, The Star Wars TC Mod Ren: A New Hope, has released a picture of the Imperial Turbolaser Defense turret. This baby packs a punch and can easily become the cornerstone of any defense. See it here

Also, CNCSERIES will return with their new site this Friday; January 7th! Hours and hours have been put in by the site's team just to maintain the old with the new. The work put into this site also brought to fruition a brand new "in-house" coded forum!! This promises to be a revolutionary experience for all members. Good work guys.
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