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— Friday, December 17, 2004 —

Posted By: Renaissance at 5:04:12 AM ET

Renegade Lives???

Coming shortly after EA's announcement of RA3, the community continues to breed new life, and with that I present you with good news. As we all know, The Renegade Alert game project was canned for W3D and now has no support. Conversely, the Source project of Renegade Alert has been renamed Red Alert: A Path Beyond.

Also, The Dead Six merged with Red Alert: APB. Here are Dante’s comments about the merger:

As most of you know, I worked a lot with all the mods for C&C Renegade, as much as I could I helped out when needed, and even took over some as the lead producer. I have always loved sharing of work, and helping other teams/people when they need it. And to this end, I have decided to continue with this, and provide The Dead 6 as a moddable base, complete with an SDK, custom tools, etc... This way some of the mods that loved the gameplay of Renegade, will be able to build there mods with much more functionality and playability on a newer and much better game engine.

This is where Red Alert: A Path Beyond comes in, we (The Dead 6 Team) are taking them in under our wings, providing them with early builds of the engine as we go, letting them use our development tools, as well as even to some points helping point them in the right direction with most of the stuff they won't be familiar with when coming into the new game engine. With this, we will also be linking the Red Alert: A Path Beyond Single Player storyline closely with our own, to provide 2 campaigns of fully playable C&C in first person, the way Westwood dreamed it would be, and the way that the fans have come to expect after nearly 10 years of C&C.

We hope that this will become a very prevalent relationship, and wish that some other teams would have seen the vision that we are heading for. It's sad that some other mods will not be joining us in this effort, but teamwork is what this entire project is about, without that, it won't be successful.

This coming year will be great for The Dead 6, and now will be great for Red Alert: A Path Beyond as well.

Live the new motto, and lets learn to have fun, support our mods, and finally, just have fun.
"Everything that happened in Renegade, stays in Renegade..."

- Tom "Dante" Anderson
Growth such as this is quickly spreading through the CnC community as it continues to evolve; well, that can't be bad news.
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