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— Monday, December 13, 2004 —

Posted By: Renaissance at 6:45:18 AM ET

Some bits of excellent news today

The First Tiberian War TC mod for Zero Hour is on the verge of being released as the countdown clock reads 9 days. The First Tiberian War is a TC for Zero Hour which appears to do more than just satisfy our need for CnC action in the dawn of yet another Command & Conquer title.

CNC DEN has yet more maps to whet your appetite.

CNC World is back online and in the process of restoring their site to all its splendor. They are however in need of staff; specifically mentioned were: News Updater and visual arts (skins/wallpapers)

Quoting CNCNZ:
The first of what will most likely be many Red Alert 3 fansites has opened over the weekend. Its called CNCRedAlert3.com. Naturally the site is short on news and info right now but you have to start somewhere I guess. Give CNCRedAlert3.com a visit.

A reminder: CNC Series is amidst a site overhaul. They have however made it possible to view their current, vast database of CnC knowledge; access it here.
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