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— Saturday, November 13, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 6:59:31 PM ET

New Poll, Poll Results, and EA in court?

I added a new poll this for this week. I decided to change things up a bit and ask a question not directly related to CNC, and I'm interested to see what the community's take on it is...the less money EA has to pay the designers, the more money they have for improving the game, but I think that the designers also should be paid and compensated fairly.

Here are the results from last week's poll:

Do you still play Renegade?

Total Votes: 49

Thanks to all 49 of you who voted!

Since I have the chance, I might as well update ya'll on the recent happenings in the community:
  • Related to this week's poll question, a person named "EA Spouse" has posted an article about her and her husbands experience with EA.
    Our adventures with Electronic Arts began less than a year ago. The small game studio that my partner worked for collapsed as a result of foul play on the part of a big publisher -- another common story. Electronic Arts offered a job, the salary was right and the benefits were good, so my SO took it. I remember that they asked him in one of the interviews: "how do you feel about working long hours?" It's just a part of the game industry -- few studios can avoid a crunch as deadlines loom, so we thought nothing of it. When asked for specifics about what "working long hours" meant, the interviewers coughed and glossed on to the next question; now we know why.
    I've read the article, and she makes some good points. Also, word is leaking out that EA is being sued in a class action lawsuit for similar offenses. Get the article here.
  • CNC Den has new maps, as always.
  • CNCNZ is asking for new staff members. If you think you can help out, send 'em an e-mail!
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