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— Wednesday, October 20, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:57:07 PM ET

Updates from CNC:U

CNC Unleashed, our affiliate, passed along the following updates to us.

We at CnC: Unleashed (http://cnc.unleashed.ws/) are now looking for 1-2 new
administrator(s) and <3 new moderator(s). Administrators should be long time
community members and/or skilled people with experience in graphics and/or
coding. Dedication is also a MUST.

Regular network staff members email forwarders/accounts, personal webspace,
and pearls of wisdom from some of the oldest members of the CnC community
are available upon request. We greatly emphasize on equality, humility and
harmony between our staff and with other sites - which makes the network a
great place to work in.

Note that we are going toswitch servers soon, and are planning a revamp of
the whole network. Sites that are ready to launch include BFME: Unleashed,
Half Life Unleashed, as well as several staff resource and hosted mod sites
for the well being of our network members. Existing network staff may also
contact me for any of the above benefits.

Post in the following forum topics to apply or nominate others:

The nomination stage will end on 23rd October, and the 10-day-long voting
stage will commence after that.

Those who win the election will be appointed as soon as we get our new
server (hopefully by mid-November).

Other job vacancies include:
- News posters for BFME: Unleashed, Half Life: Unleashed and CnC: Unleashed
- Graphic artists and coders
- Content managers
- Any other thing that you think that you could help us with

If you're interested in any of the above positions, contact me personally at
unidentifiedname[at]unleashed.ws or through ICQ/MSN.

On a side note, our forums have received a brilliant facelift made by fellow
staffer SEAL31. Check out the forums at http://forums.unleashed.ws/.

Sounds interesting to say the less, and I would definately consider it. CNC:U is about as democratic as sites come, unlike this dictatorship of a site... ;)
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