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— Saturday, October 16, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 7:29:02 AM ET

Community Roundup

Here's a community round-up for all of you out there...

  • CNC Holland has released the beta version of their mod. Here’s a partial list of the new features:

    • -DeathHand now rotates and targets to fire. Flames burst when it fires and has its own shell. Also more Sound Effects added.
    • -Construction Chinook and Liebherr Construction Vehicle now have there own Building and Mine Sweeping animations.
    • -F16 now has Vulcan Machinegun upgrade.
    • -Air Mobile Brigade F16 now has its own model
    • -Air Mobile Brigade JSf now has its own original anti-missile system.
    • -Command Tank has a newly improved detailed model.
    • -Balancing update
    • -Fenneck cheaper and has improved features
    • -New voices for the following units : Fenneck, PWV, Colonial Vehicles, Jeep, Supply YPR, Dutch Scout
    • -Removed DeathHand and Scudstorm cheat
    • -Countless Bug fixes
    • -A descent working installer/uninstaller with music
    • and much more...

  • CNC DEN has new maps and a mission, as always.

  • And Cold War Crises has new renders up at their site.

  • That's all for now!