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— Friday, September 3, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:31:12 PM ET

CNC 3 News from Australia

Thanks go to Generals Files for finding this news item. Here's a bit of C&C news, originating from the land "Down Under."

Australian gaming news website Gamebiz reports that there is currently a new Command & Conquer title under development - to be named Command and Conquer Tiberian Twilight.

They report that they have "received word from a source within Electronic Arts Studios that they are working on a new Command & Conquer title." Other than that, there is not much new information to note. For their full news post, you may head here.

Remember: there is still no official word from EA, and, in my opinion, likely won't be until LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth is released. Therefore this, at most, helps to confirm some of the rumors that have been circling lately.