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— Saturday, August 28, 2004 —

Posted By: Unidentifiedname at 8:45:25 PM ET

Coming Features @ CnC: Unleashed

As of the coming weekend, CnC: Unleashed will bring the community two nifty new features.

1, CnC: Unleashed Filestorm

During the coming "Filestorm" period, the CnC: Unleashed staff will be posting up all kinds of files to the site. Fans are also encouraged to submit files to the CnC: Unleashed files uploader to ensure the success of this new breathtaking feature.

2, CnC: Unleashed Map Inspector

This Generals/Zero Hour Map Inspector service is brought about by Brandon - in-house mapper of CnC: Unleashed. It is for mappers - especially the beginners - to send in their maps for checking. Once they are sent, the CnC: Unleashed in-house mappers will modify the maps according to your specification, fixing bugs, adding scripts and making other neccessary changes. The maps will be discussed publicly at our forums, where experienced mappers may also provide their pearls of wisdom.

This feature is different from normal mapping forums in a way that everyone actually has a copy of the map that has to be discussed. As a result, other mappers will be able to find and point out errors more directly and conveniently. They could also learn from the inspection process, thus benefiting both sides - for the good of the whole mapping community.

Make your way to CnC: Unleashed for the details.
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