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— Wednesday, August 18, 2004 —

Posted By: Luckie at 9:31:47 AM ET

News wrap with chicken, cheese, and lettuce.

CNC Ebay Items up for sale:
Included in this huge collection are 3 POSTERS (one from each faction in the Generals game: USA, GLA, CHINA. Exclusive COFFEE MUG that was given to employees who worked on the game. Tiberian Sun Firestorm Expansion pack from Westwood Studios-brand new in sealed box. Red Alert 2 Collectors Edition Pewter Chrono Legionnaire (2000, EA).
Special Thanks to CNCDEN For letting everyone know.

C&C DOS working on XP: Planet CNC has posted a guide on how to get Command And Conquer working on an XP machine. Click here to visit the tutorial.

New Pro:Gen release: Deezire has posted up a new release of Pro:Gen. It's an updated version of 2.3.

Skinners Needed: Vietnam Reborn needs skinners. If you can work Photoshop, you can skin. Check out my tutorial here. Email pcgamermofo@cox.net if you are interested.

Planet CNC:
Thursday, August 12, 2004, 05:41 | HeXetic At present, my own and Dario's e-mail addresses are completely unusable because they (via news@planetcnc.com) are being bombarded by over 4000 e-mails a day. These e-mails are bounce messages from a server somewhere in Finland that is rejecting messages being sent by some virus-infected fool in the states on Comcast. I would therefore like to make the following public announcement: if you happen to know who c-24-2-12-31.client.comcast.net (IP address: is, please administer them a severe beating and then instruct them to kindly disconnect their forsaken computer from the Internet, reformat and reinstall, and then shoot themselves. Thank you, and have a good day. Well, except for the guy on Comcast, that is.

I don't care if you think you are a computer genious, if you don't have Spybot S&D/NAV/AVG-free/Panda/MacAfee) and don't run both scans once a week, then you shouldn't be allowed to have a cable/dsl/other broadband connection. It doesn't matter whether you think you download viruses or not because 90% of the time, they get through a port when you're not even at your computer. That's right, when you're not at your computer. Want to prevent this, get a firewall. Buying a decent router usually works because it has a built in firewall, but incase you don't have that option, do a google search on firewall and download a software one. Also, in the case above, the person who is sending these mass mailings through a virus likely got them in his own mail. So for goodness sakes, if you don't know who it's from, don't open it. You don't open suspicious packages in public parks, do you?

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