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— Wednesday, August 11, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 8:52:34 AM ET

Blbpaws' (Webmaster) News

Since our current webmaster seems to have deserted the site for some family get together, and our Chief of General Operations is relaxing on vacation, I'm now in charge. To show you what a contrast this is here's some news:

  • (Thanks CNC Den) Upham from TFTW(The First Tiberian War ZH mod) has sent along the following word on this mod in the making:

September is steadily approaching, and the mod is going along nicely. We are starting to work on air units and polishing up buildings and vehicles. We have released a render of the Orca VTOL Assault Craft, which was modeled by Straxovich and textured by Skulking Ferrit. The primary weapon of the GDI air force, it is armed with five salvos of TOW rockets. Also, the m113 APC for both GDI and Nod has been redone by Skulking Ferrit. Tiberium is fully functional, able to grow, be walked on, and is lethal to infantry. Unit voices have been coded in, and we are working on coding the music.

Before our first public release, extensive testing will need to be done to check for bugs and other things. If you would like to help us, please come to our Forums and tell us. We are looking for dedicated and trustworthy people who will help make sure that the mod will be (hopefully) bug-free when it's publicly released.

We are also looking for an AI scripter who can create a decent opponent at Medium and Hard difficulty levels for both GDI and Nod. Thudo might be helping us with AI, but as he is an extremely busy person, we might need another person to help us out as well. Please come to the forums or contact one of the team members.

I've also updated the units thread with new pictures of GDI units. New pictures of Nod units are to come. You can check it out here.

Sounds interesting to say the least…

  • SDI has released v1.09 of Lord Akkrand's AI. It's supposed to be harder then the normal AI...
  • Cold War Crisis has released some new renders. Also they've added a new modeler, SoliDoX.
  • CNC DEN has new maps (as always) and is in the middle of a server move.

That's all for now folks!

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