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— Monday, July 26, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 7:29:05 AM ET

Community News

I'm now back from a series of vacations that I was on over the past two weeks.  I'm feeling motivated, so here's the latest news from around the Command & Conquer Community!

  • C&C Kings, a Generals Total-Conversion mod, has released three new screenshots detailing three new medieval structures.  If you're interested in medieval warfare, this is a must see.
  • C&C Holland has announced that it will be releasing the mod's first public beta this Friday, July 30th.  This mod, for Zero Hour, adds the Dutch army has a new faction in Zero Hour.
  • The (original) Generals mod Half Hour is now available for downloading through their website.
  • The official website for the First Tiberian War mod is now online with some nice renders to check out!

And on a more sour note, CNC Matrix has announced that it will now be closing.  Here's a clip from the message as posted by Malc:

I have been putting off this day for a number of months now, knows who have known me for more then a few months will know ive always been a optimist when it comes to the C&C community. Ive always looked for the good out of the bad ive always tried to encourage others todo the same and not loose hope. Ive always worked on the basis that those who survive the hard times will triumph is the good.

But the bad times have been around for way over a year now with no sign of the good times. Im now into my fourth year as part of the C&C community and I have seen many great sites come and go. Now its CnCMatrix's turn to close.

CNC Matrix has been an important part of the C&C Community ever since it opened in 2002.  It's sad to see sites go, but most do in due time.  I bid Malc and the rest of the CNC Matrix staff a fond farewell - best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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