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— Tuesday, June 29, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 9:40:45 PM ET

Advanced AI Mod v0.61

Zero Hour Advanced AI ModOur in-house Lion is at it again, releasing the latest version of his Advanced AI Mod for Zero Hour!  Version 0.61 beta has now been released to the public.

From here on versions will be released in smaller increments such that by version 1.0 all of the Generals have been modified.

This latest version features a teaser of sorts for what's to come in terms of unit AI in the next few versions.  The version features a new system for aircraft intelligence, especially for Aurora bombers.  The tactics used are very effective and the bombers take care not to be shot down unless they are headed for a high-priority target.  The Airforce General and the Superweapons General are the main benefiters from this improved strategy.  The MiGs have not yet been modifed to utilise these improved tactics.

A few bugs were also fixed in this version, including issues with slow base building and a bug where the Super Weapon General wouldn't save up enough money to rebuild.  (Thanks beta testers!)

To test out this mod's improved AI, why not give a match versus the new and improved Airforce General a whirl?  And if you find any bugs or poorly functioning AI, be sure to point it out in the Advanced AI Mod Forums.

Ready to download the lastest version?  As always, version 0.61 of the Advanced AI Mod can be downloaded here.
Good luck, General!