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— Saturday, June 26, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:58:36 PM ET

Frank Klepacki & Petroglyph

It has been known that Frank Klepacki, former composer for Westwood, has been working with Petroglyph Games - the Las Vegas, Nevada gaming company startup comprised of several former Westwood employees - for quite some time now.  He has just recently announced, however, that since June first he has been Petroglyph's official Audio Director!  As seen on Frank's website:
Frank will be exclusively providing sound effects and music for the team on their top secret project, which some of you had already speculated Frank has been working on since last year before joining full time!  Here's to new beginnings!
Incase you're interested, Petroglyph has a company photo posted on their website.  Frank is second from the left.
Petroglyph has also just completed the move into their new building, "just a block over from the old Westwood buidling."  According to their website, the new building features:
  • No cubicles
  • Lots of Snapple
  • New Ping-Pong table
  • Killer Top-Secret Project!
  • Sombrero-wearing intern
Sounds like the guys over at Petroglyph will be having a lot of fun!  Be sure to pay their website a visit for more info!
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