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— Saturday, May 29, 2004 —

Posted By: AstraL at 1:45:33 PM ET

Results: First Generals World Tournament May 29th

Congratulations Cdlord!! Cdlord has won the first Generals World tournament! I would like to thank all participants in today's tournament!  A job well done.  The tournament was a 1 vs 1 first round elimination.  Lion won against rlgl81 to start off the tournament, and then cdlord put the smack down on Eowne to make headway for the second round as Massacre crippled the Gimp... (no pun intended) LOL. My first round was a (bye)...easy enough.  In the second round of the tournament I lost to Lion, as cdlord squeezed a win out of Massacre.  On to the final round: Cdlord vs Lion.  Cdlord dominates in this match as he secures many supply docks allowing him a sure win!  Want more action?  Then visit Generals World's new Zero Hour Replays downloads section to download and watch the actual replays.

To watch replays, download the .zip file and extract the .rep file out of it, placing the .rep file in your Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Replays folder (located under your My Documents folder).

Thanks again to those who participated!  I will be scheduling another tournament for June 12th, which is 2 weeks away, so start practicing boys!! (More info to come)

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