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— Wednesday, May 26, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:42:26 PM ET

Advanced AI Mod v0.5 for Zero Hour

Zero Hour Advanced AI ModThe latest version of the Advanced AI Mod has now been released! Created by Generals World Forums member Lion, it's currently in version 0.5 beta. Please take note that this is a beta release, and thus it may contain bugs.
The Advanced AI Mod for Zero Hour intends to, in short, make the computer players "smarter." This is done by fixing bugs and by adding new strategies for each General. At the same time, the amount the AI "cheats" is actually being reduced, overall! The computer players now get less extra money in the late-game than EA's original AI did, and they're cheating less and less with each version.
NOTE: This mod will only work with Hard opponents in Skirmish. Medium and Easy opponents are for beginners. This mod was created for more advanced players who want an extra challenge or for those players who can't or won't play online.

Interested? Are you up for the challenge? Then download the Advanced AI Mod here!
Also, if you happen to find any bugs in the mod and would like to report them, please do so in Advanced AI Mod Forum. You can post comments and suggestions there as well! The mod is in need of beta testers as well, so if you would like to help beta test it in between release versions, then head on over to this forum topic here.
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