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— Sunday, May 23, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 5:17:45 PM ET

Prism Tank Screen

Well everyone, we've been making alot of progress here at All-Stars and today we've got a really sweet screenshot for you. It's the first try at the skinned Prism Tank in-game! Be sure to head on over to the All-Stars Screenshots page and check it out! The model is done by me, aConcernedCitizen17, and the skin is done by our newest member here at All-Stars, Warnwar2003! He's very talented and it shows in this screen. Here's a thumbnail.

That's all for today but we're always making new strides each day here at All-Stars so be sure to check back often as we've got lots of new stuff that we'll release soon!