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— Wednesday, May 12, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:36:42 PM ET

ZH Advanced AI Mod v0.2 Beta

I'm pleased to announce that Generals World Forums member Lion has completed the next version of his Zero Hour Advanced AI Mod.  The latest version, v0.2 beta, is available for download through this page.  Here are some of the latest changes:

Beta 0.2
Vast improvements made on the Super Weapons General:
  • It will expand to other supply zones faster
  • It will build mini bases near the supply piles
  • Fixed suicide Alphas bug
  • Added more attack groups
  • Made it use the extra money it makes from expansion/mini bases
  • Better defense response
  • It *might* fill firebases (ive been working hard at that)
  • Improved tech capture logic
  • Increased the size of attack groups
  • It will try to rebuild command center if destroyed
  • Better active base defenses
Interested in more of a challenge?  Head on over here and give it a try now!
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