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— Wednesday, May 5, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:02:50 PM ET

Community and Mod News Roundup

There's a lot of news in the way of mods recently, so I'm feeding all of the latest to you in one big spoonful.
First of all, I'd of course like to mention that Generals World's in-house mod, CnC: All Stars is in need of staff!  We're especially in need of skinners and AI coders.  If you're talented in either of these aspects, or if you're knowledgable about modding in Generals at all ;) then be sure to fire off an email to Blbpaws@cncgeneralsworld.com saying how you can help.  We'd be glad to have you onboard.  To see our latest work, don't forget to check the screenshots page!
And now, for the news from around the community. 
  • Since our last update, the folks over at CNCDEN have released 7 new Zero Hour maps, and one new Zero Hour mission.  Definitely worth checking out.
  • The Imperial Assault mod has released a new screenshot of an AT-AT that may be included in their Star Wars style mod for Generals.
  • CNCDEN has screenshots of a dozen renders sent to Lion by Squire James of The Great War Mod, a World War I total conversion mod for Generals.
  • CNC Matrix has posted some nice new screenshots of a UK Defense turret that will eventually be making its way into their Second Wave mod.
  • ConquerGaming has an interesting new poll up asking "Battle Royal, who wins?"  The choices are: Nod, GDI, Allies, Soviets, Yuri, USA, China, and GLA.  Head on over there to cast your vote!
  • An Act of War, a Generals mod featuring the US (2008) and Iraq, is current in the midst of a screenshots week!  Here's a few of their latest screenshots' thumbnails:
  • The Call to Arms mod has a new screenshot of their UK Level 5 Science general's weapon.

    From the Call to Arms website: "This is basically how it works, incase anyones curious. 16 droplets are loaded into a droplet parachute object. When the droplets die (hit the ground) they generate a mine field. The mines last between 100 and 500 ms then detonate. Lots of big explosions."
  • The Blitzkreig 2 Generals (and soon-to-be Zero Hour) mod has had a bunch of updates to their website recently.  They've even been featured in a PC Magazine article!  Head to their site for details!
  • The TrueWar mod, a total conversion mod for CNC Generals, has posted a nice screenshot of their newly-skinned Humvee.  Rather impressive skinning work.
  • The Battletech: The Capellan Solution mod for CnC Generals has entered a new beta stage, v1.25.
Phewf!  As you can see, there's a lot going on in the way of mods here in the CnC community.  Be sure to check back soon, there's more updates to come!
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