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— Friday, March 26, 2004 —

Posted By: Spectre at 8:20:42 AM ET

Overclock on Cards

On NVidia Cards, it is possible to clock the graphics card to 325mhz for the VPU and 600 mhz for th memory without having it crash. I have tried this for the mX4000+ and it works perfectly. However, it does get hot and in the beginning will have some smoke. I would not recommend clocking it higher than my recommendation for it might get unstable.
With this clocking Generals runs real smooth with three teamss, just three, i haven't tried more. But each team takes a lot of memory since their base is huge. I am not sure if it will work for other people but i just want you to be aware of how much you can clock with out overheating it or crashing it. (325nhz-VPU;600mhz-memory->NVIDIA MX4000+)

Edit By Luckie: There is a program called "Powerstrip" that can be useful in overclocking graphics cards. I highly recommend having more than one case fan and possibly water cooling when overclocking to higher speeds. Although overclocking can seem fun, it is possible to shorten the life of your pc with it. Generals World does not take responsibility for broken computers caused by overclocking.
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