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— Wednesday, December 31, 2003 —

Posted By: Unidentifiedname at 2:56:29 AM ET

Community News

When you see a random person like me posting news, you'll know that the site is severely understaffed. A list of job vacancies and each of the position's responsibilities is available here.

A lot has happened in the past week. New maps, new missions to new mods and even new sites could be seen throughout the community. A few things that are worth mentioning include the follows:

  • A Christmas Showcase for the Zero Hour mod Light of Five Stars is being held at the Light of Five Stars mod site.

  • Blitzkrieg II v026 is out as a Christmas gift for all of you.

  • The Planet CnC staff brings you 'Multiversion ZH', a replays viewer that allows you to view replays for older versions of the game without having to reinstall everything.

  • Chickendippers of CnC Community.net has updated his site's Community Banner Rotation and Button Rotation features with improved coding. It's an excellent way to advertise your CnC site for free.

    Of course, the above is only a small fraction of what happened for the past week or so. You should start surfing around the community yourself to check them all out, or, alternatively, you could read a nice little roundup of the news at my site CnC: Unleashed. Oh, and one last thing, happy new year to all of you! =)
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