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— Monday, October 27, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 4:01:36 AM ET

Pro:Gen 1.7 for CCG is here!

DeeZire says:

Pro:Gen version 1.7 is now available for download!

This version makes radical changes to the structure of the mod and makes Pro:Gen more of a consistent step between Generals and Zero Hour.

The Generals are now individual sides like in Zero Hour, each with their own unique screens, Command Centers and production characteristics. Support has also been added for the 'Redemption' single player campaign - coming soon!

Theres only two downsides to the mod now - first, AI support for the individual Generals has not yet been implemented, although the AI for the normal USA, China and GLA sides has been enhanced so if you're playing against the AI make sure you choose to play against the original ordinary sides. Second, the download has increased to 36MB which is about as optimal as I can get it now, although I dont expect it to increase again.

Because of the complexity of the changes in this version, a patch to update from 1.6 has not been posssible so my apologies for this. Future versions will be patchable however.

The 'Redemption' single player campaign is now progressing very well and will be available real soon in the form of an 'add-on' to Pro:Gen. I did not want to include it in the main download as this would have drastically increased its size even further.

A text file detailing a list of changes can be seen here.


To download the mod, go here and download Pro:Gen.
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