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— Sunday, October 12, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:52:51 AM ET

Official Site Updates

The Official CnC Generals website has had a few updates this past week or so.  First of all, the development team has released a new official map, entitled North America.  Here's it's info:

Brought to you by the C&C Generals team, it's USA vs. Canada in this replica of North America! Battle from California to Maine to Quebec to the Yukon in this 2 player map. The Midwest will never be the same.

You can download that map from this page.

The official website has a new poll question, asking: Who is your favorite General? Visit the Official Site to vote now.

A few Zero Hour developer replays have also been added.  Check em out here.

Furthermore, GameSpy's servers will be having scheduled downtime tomorrow, as reported by the Official Site.  Here's the deal:

GameSpy will be performing complete system-wide maintenance on the “Powered By GameSpy” online gaming infrastructure and is scheduling downtime on October 13th from 12:00AM to 6:00AM Pacific Daylight Time in order to relocate existing hardware to a new data center.

Actual downtime may be less than the scheduled window.

A somewhat large community update was posted last Wednesday.  It discusses patch 1.7 for Generals as well as patch 1.1 for Zero Hour.  To read it, click here.