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— Friday, September 26, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 2:28:06 AM ET

Official Generals Site Update

The Official Generals Site has been updated.

You can now find some of the new info from Zero Hour for all the three sides there.
There are also more downloads, and you can find the new Fansite Kit which has three sounds out of each general from Zero Hour.  The rest of the kit is pictures, some of them are exclusive.
There is also a new startegy guide, this guide is for the Zero Hour Challange mode.
They also listed up the Fansites List.

In other news, Generals 1.7 patch is coming...

Mike Murphy, EAComMike, has posted the following on the Official Message Boards,

Now that Zero Hour is out the door, we are also going to be working on patch 1.7 for Generals. We’re retrofitting some of the bug fixes that were made for Zero Hour into Generals and trying to add a few minor Zero Hour features, as well. No timeline yet, as we just started working on it, but we’ll keep everyone updated.
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