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— Thursday, September 4, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 5:13:33 AM ET

Light Of Five Stars Generals Mod Site Launched!

The site of Light Of Five Stars (LOFS) mod has been launched at cnc.unleashed.ws.
The mod adds nine new Generals, naval units and buildings, cool new skins and new units.

Here's a bit from the welcome post,
The Main aim of Project LOFS is to restore and re-introduce classical weapons of the known armies of the world, mainly weapons from the Chinese PLA (People's Liberation Army), the US Army, and any from the "Land of the Believers" (GLA). In addition to tradition ground combat and limited air missions, Project LOFS will be begin to expand into the vastly unexplored void of Naval warfare, which may be the long-waited addition to Generals Play.
Visit their site.

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