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— Monday, August 25, 2003 —

Posted By: Sagi at 1:50:45 AM ET

Kodak Moment 9.5ish, #10 & #11

More Kodak Moments about Zero Hour.

Kodak Moment 9.5ish

Harvard's Answer:
Dr. Thrax has a Toxin Rebel.
Well it turns out that GLA has more than one answer to enemy infantry. If you chose Dr. Thrax, one of the GLA special generals, you have access to the "Toxin Rebel." Special thanks go out to Breed for is sharp eye and Harvard for answering the email.

Kodak Moment #10
Combat Chinook: In the previous campaigns against the GLA, Chinooks did not fare well. Lacking defenses, the Chinook often was lost behind enemy lines, requiring rescue operations to recover any survivors. The Combat Chinook has side portals to allow passengers to target threats on the ground.

Kodak Moment #11

Harvard's Answer

Battle Bus: Carries bunches of infantry (still balancing number) that fire out of the bus as it moves. It has no weapons of its own and is faster than a tank but slower than a Rocket Buggy. It makes a great support vehicle since it packs a punch…and then turns into a bunker when it blows up. The infantry stay inside when it changes to a bunker but are killed when the bunker is killed. Units can exit and enter this bunker.

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(All of these pictures are from CNCUnleashed.ws).
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