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— Sunday, June 29, 2003 —

Posted By: Luckie at 1:29:45 PM ET

Cheaters, cheaters, poo poo eaters.

Aight folks, here we go.

Apparently some "cheaters" have been exploiting a peice of generals that was not supposed to be included in the game. Known as "Burning Barracade", it can block in your tanks and everything. It gives an extremely unfair advantage to the other person. Col. Burton calls the problem "a burning pile of trash" as it has halted the testing of patch 1.6 and forced EA to work a fix in to this next patch.
Dear C&C Generals Community, We are aware of this cheat and how it works. We are currently taking steps to fix the problem. We are also aware that there are other cheats appearing that are based on this cheat. We have stopped test on patch 1.6 to include this fix and hopefully it will not delay the patch appreciably. I’m sure that everyone will want to see this issue addressed ASAP so thanks for your patience. Col. Burt Production Support Technician Command & Conquer Generals Electronic Arts

You can go here to read and see a screenshot. Unfortunately, this won't be the last of this "code exploiting". After 1.6 players will still be able to attempt to find this type thing in Generals, leaving EA with a bit of an ongoing effort to stop this kind of "cheating".
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