C&C Labs News Wire

— Tuesday, June 24, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:55:51 PM ET

Forums Upgraded & Staff Needed

The CnC Generals World Forums have just about finished undergoing an upgrade!  There's all sorts of exciting new features!  More will be added and others improved on in the upcoming weeks.  To see a full list of features, please visit this forum announcement.  Now is a great time to become more active in the forums!

In other news, we are once again looking for a News Updater.  Manatee did a great job while he was here, but he has since become too busy with schoolwork and, understandably, hasn't had time to continue posting news.  If you are interested in becoming a Generals World News Updater, please contact me at MicScoTho@cncgeneralsworld.com.  For those of you who aren't aware, news updaters post news updates, such as this one, to the Generals World home page for visitors to read.  These news updates focus mainly on important community and Command & Conquer news, as well as what's going on at other CnC fansites.

Besides a News Updater, we're also looking for a "Map Tester."  This job description should be fairly straightforward.  A map tester would be responsible for testing Generals maps submitted to Generals World for quality, and accepting or denying them based on our standard.  If you play Generals often and have fairly high expectations in the maps you download off the internet, then this job is for you!  Once again, if you're interested please contact me at MicScoTho@cncgeneralsworld.com.