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— Sunday, June 8, 2003 —

Posted By: Unidentifiedname at 3:14:28 AM ET

CnC: Unleashed Updates

In the past week, my fellow staff at CnC: Unleashed have made major updates to the site. In addition to the obvious new layout, we have finally finished our Generals content, and have released 2 new articles: Justin's 'The Rise and Fall of the Renegade deathmatch', aimed to point out the problems of many of the Rengeade deathmatch maps, and a sequel to my 'Quest for Excellence' essay. Moddingwise, we have decided to accept another round of ideas for our LOTR mod. All you have to do is fill out the 'LOTR Tech Tree Form'. Below is an excerpt from my article:
    1, Kreative News (Knews): Developed by our very own Kussie, this news script features anything that
    you can think of, including BBCode, Categories, Comments, Custom News Fields, News Search, Profiles, Usergroups,
    News Authorisation, Printer Friendly News, Read More, a Template System, Healines, a WYSIWYG Editor, Smilies, and a lot
    more. The install process is all automated and all you need to have is PHP and MYSQL support
  • Current version: Knews Public Beta 2.1
  • Link: Kreative Studios
Visit CnC: Unleashed to see for yourself.