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— Thursday, May 29, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:31:31 AM ET

EA E3 Pics Online

This just in from Col Burt:

Hello C&C Community,

Well, the EA E3 pics are finally up and available. They’re on the Generals patch ftp server here: ftp://ftp.ea.com/pub/eapacific/generals/generals/DownloadablePatches/

The file is called EA_E3_pics.zip.

Sorry that this took longer than expected. While there is no RTS presence feel free to post any of these on your sites if you like.

Best Regards,
Glenn Burtis AKA Col. Burt
Production Support Technician

There you have it folks! I'm currently downloading the zip file right now - it's about 45 MB.  Should have some interesting stuff, so check it out!

Edit: Downloaded.  It's got some fairly high-quality pictures in it.  The zip has some interesting pictures of the Sim City expansion and BF1942.

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