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— Thursday, May 29, 2003 —

Posted By: Manatee 05x at 2:30:15 AM ET

EA Speaks on 1.6

This latest boogie from Harvard isn't too juicy, but it's something for those of us who want to hear everything EA says.

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to remind everyone we're still here working for you. While 1.6 is taking a bit longer than expected it IS being worked on. Err...maybe not tonight...but mostly during the work week!

As always, thanks for the support (sounds like Bartles & James). Col Burt will have news shortly about upcoming events which will include 1.6, a chat moi and EA vs. The World..err you!

Have a good weekend. Go Red Sox.

Harvard Bonin
Command & Conquer Generals
Electronic Arts
That's about it... hope we hear more in the near future :)

Well, whilst I'm in an update, I thought I'd mention that the Nova Modding Team has released a little goss and a few pics about their upcoming mod. Zip over there now and read their latest updates if you havn't already. In other breaking news, there was a fire in Deezire Online's data center, causing some downtime for their site; and CNC Elite have announced a Map Competition!

Okay, here's the details for our Generals Mapping competition. The prize will be a game of your choice

Email your entries to mr_winalot@msn.com Please also include a JPG/Gif preview image. Please restrict the map size to under 2 mb. We will not add any maps that you send us to our Generals Map database, any maps we do add, we will send you a reply informing you and pointing you to the link. If you don't want your map posted on CNC Elite please state this in the email and it will be used for the competition purposes only. If you do want it posted though say so and we will post it.

In the email please add the words 'GENERALS MAP CONTEST' to the Subject line and include your name and email address in the body of the email. If you don't, we won't be able to contact you to say you have won.

I will email the winner, and he'll get his prize via mail. He tells me what game, I mail it.

Good luck to everyone!

From Dustin And the CNC Elite staff
That's about it for now peeps, catch you all later.

/05x/ out