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— Wednesday, May 28, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:03:17 PM ET


I'm sure that you've all noticed the "Community Links" section on the home page here (incase you haven't: on the right side, and down a little).  Well, until now, this has been simply a list of links to some great sites around the community.  Today I've decided to renew our policy of "affiliating" with community website that we deem especially exceptional and trustworthy.

If you take a look at that section, you'll notice that there's now a "button" image for Generals-World.de and CNCSeries.  Although we've been affiliated with Generals-World.de for a long time, today we've just affiliated with CNCSeries.  They're a great fansite, covering all CNC games.  And on that note, here's what's new over at CNC Series, and I quote:

» Just Released:

Community Listing
It's taken me a good few days to get that done, and I'm well chuffed with it. Name, link, URL, webmaster(s) and interesting links for 39 sites are there, and with a click of your mouse you can jump to any one of them. If you'd like your link added, information edited, or want to report something, please e-mail me. This is said on the page too, but it's worth saying here too. There's nothing to compare it with.

Hardware Guide: AMD Athlon 3200+
Benlanka brings his technological know-how to CNCSeries.Com, telling you all about AMD's newest processor. It's very concise and if you want Generals to run that little bit faster or wish to be ready for whatever EA throw at us next, get ready to read.

Militia Mayhem
Waraddict's newest map is out, featuring moving civilian traffic and deadly packs of roaming GLA vehicles, as well as the AI and exquisite detail you've come to expect from Waraddict. After a few tweaks, it's out and ready to play!

» Upcoming
Who knows? Perhaps a revamp of our affiliates list - many good sites out there have good people running them and we get along very well. xDaunt could spring a batch of replays on me at any time, and perhaps a guide (USA vs USA), Erik could have more chapters from "The General", and if all goes well, we'll start pumping out RA2 & YR maps! Vulcan, the new reviewer, is just waiting for them to be uploaded.

-- Ash (Community Director, CNCSeries.com)

The Community Listing is especially good if you're looking to find some more great sites around the community.  Be sure to head over to CNCSeries and check all of this out!