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— Monday, May 5, 2003 —

Posted By: Manatee 05x at 2:18:33 AM ET

MiG Update Concerning Patch 1.6

Alrighty, I'm sure you all know the fuss that's been brewing over the unbalanced nature of MiGs in Generals, and I've dug up something which was posted on the Official Generals Message Boards a couple of days ago by Col. Burt from EAP:

Hey Guys,

OK, I’ve gone through the thread regarding MiG’s and compiled a condensed list of your suggestions going from the most requested to the least requested. This was compiled as of yesterday afternoon so there are more posts that have gone up since this was compiled but here are the results so far.

Increase Cost: 46
Increase Build Time: 30
Reduce Speed: 23
Reduce Hit Points: 19
Reduce Speed when Damaged: 14
Reduce Missile Range: 8
Reduce Firestorm Damage: 8
Increase Price of MiG Armor: 6
Increase Reload Time: 5
Reduce Damage Capability: 3
Remove Firestorm: 3
Make Firestorm an Upgrade: 2
Reduce Likelihood of Firestorm: 2
Reduce Accuracy: 2

A few other interesting comments:

US anti-air isn’t effective against MiG’s due to the fact that MiG’s can outrun Patriot’s. The speed issue.

GLA has a problem with MiG’s due to the fact that firestorms destroy occupants of stinger sites and stinger troops easily. Also, MiG’s can destroy Quad Cannons fairly easily and can be replaced faster than the GLA can replace Quad Cannon’s thus making it hard for the GLA to maintain anti-air against MiG’s.

MiG’s should be inferior to US Raptor’s in air to air combat.

The MiG doesn’t circle around like other aircraft.

Overall, the MiG is just too versatile.

Increase cost and build time were the big favorites. I was discussing this with Harvard this morning and we agree that reducing speed is a big factor as well.

Right now the team is testing the MiG with increased cost and build times. I do believe that they will look at reduced speed as well if Harvard’s comment’s this morning are any indication. We want to be careful as to not “nerf” the MiG, just balance it a little better.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed! We appreciate the input!
Well, if that's anything to go by, we're most certainly seeing a make-over on the MiGs in 1.6 - Great news for everyone except China players ;)
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