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— Thursday, May 1, 2003 —

Posted By: Manatee 05x at 6:04:13 AM ET

BETA test opportunity at Deezire

If you would like the opportunity to be part of a BETA test team, head over to Deezire Online, because Deezire has one lucky last space left in the test team for his Generals mod Pro:Gen. Here's what he had to say:
Im being very specific about what I need here, otherwise the testing will not be conclusive enough, so please take note.

I need somebody who is able to;-

- test the mod on a clean install of Generals with the 1.5 patch
- test the mod on a LAN with at least 3 clients (a simple peer-to-peer would be sufficient as Im aware of the games problems with firewalls, routers and NAT translation)
- your machine(s) MUST meet, preferably exceed, the recommended specs for the game as detailed on the box.
- you need to be able to provide objective feedback regularly, so there will be a time commitment

You will also need a genuine copy of Generals. If you can help, please mail me through deezire[at]deezire[dot]net. All testers get mentioned in the credits!

So, if you are interested, and think you meet that criteria, head over and offer your services :)
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