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— Tuesday, April 29, 2003 —

Posted By: Luckie at 2:44:19 AM ET

News from every corner!

Hey Everyone.

CNC Fantasy is in need of staff. If you're interested, here's what they need:
Staff Needed: . News Updaters { To help keep news up to date ). . Map/Mod Makers ( For All Command & Conquer Games ). . Skinners ( For Renegade and Generals ). . War Story Writers. If interested, contact: ReaperX_@CnCFantasy.com

malx of generals.at has started a petition about the Generals Lobby. To sign it or read more than is below, go here.
We've started an online-petition for a better lobby. Though there are more important issues to fix up for now, we want to remind EAP that we aren't satisfied with the lobby. There are lots of really nasty things and we want EAP to change them. Of course, they won't be able to change all of them now, but they maybe can add some of our wishes to the add-on and I hope they'll be able to add some features now as well.

The CNC website Planet CNC has a "sneak peek" at a NEW mod coming out for Generals.
Planet CNC's hosted site Generals Gold has released the beta version of their Generals mod.

And one final note: I would like to commend MicScoTho with his job on last week's blast of maps. I think he did a great job. Once I can play Generals (I need to find a way to get a new PC first), I hope that I can do the same.
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