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— Wednesday, April 16, 2003 —

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Generals on Fox News

In Fox's online article The Fighting's Not Over for Gamers, Fox's Marla Lehner discusses the many Iraq-related Generals maps and mods that have been created and released by Command and Conquer Fans.
NEW YORK — The intense street fighting in Baghdad is over, but video game enthusiasts are still working on liberating the Iraqi capital.

Gamers who play the popular PC title Command and Conquer Generals have created about 1,000 additional realistic-looking digital maps and missions for the game to make it look more like the actual ground fights that happened overseas.

"The maps are representations of the landscape. They [gamers] watch say, Fox News, then pull off the data," said Mark Skaggs, executive producer of the game created by Electronic Arts. "They'll say, 'I saw this building here and other buildings around it in a circle.'"
The article even mentions Morphious of GenEdit2k. To read the full article, be sure to click here!

In another media-related side note, Reuters reports that Command & Conquer Generals is holding the number 2 sales spot for the second week in a row, after holding the #1 spot for three weeks. You can read that information and more in the article, War Games Top U.S. Video Game Sales Charts.
In four of the last five weeks, fully 50 percent of the top games list has been either stand-alone war games, or add-on packages for existing war games.
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