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— Tuesday, April 8, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:17:09 PM ET

New Maps

I've finally got around to adding a few more maps to Generals World.  I've got four new maps today.  As always you can download them from our Downloads: Maps page.  Here are their descriptions:

Knife Fight

Max Players: 4
From the Author: Knife Fight is a revival of one of my personel favorite maps, and probably one of the most popular, for the game Emperor Battle for Dune. Like the original version for Emperor, it is a very small map, 250x250, and makes you fight for the middle in very close quarter combat... hence the name Knife Fight. The layout is almost exact to the original version and even with the infantry rock in the middle. The Textures are obviously not the same... the rock is quite a bit lighter then the original but the environment is a very similar Arrakis spice colour.
File Size: 0.25 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: CrEePiNg-DeAtH   Email | Website

Grand Canyon

Max Players: 3
From the Author: A small, three-player desert map with some mountainous terrain.
File Size: 0.09 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: warren8   Email

Desert Forest

Max Players: 4
From the Author: Desert Forest is a 4 player map with moderate-high resources. A couple oil derriks around the map and crates. Half the map is desert and half is forest. AI fully done and works for skirmish/multiplayer.
File Size: 0.26 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: woodbulb   Email

Winter Havoc

Max Players: 2
From the Author: A map that is playable skirmish or multiplayer, it is set on a snowy winter map. The map has a small town and is populated, plus it also contains industries and heaps of trees.
File Size: 0.15 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: DragonFly   Email

Head on over to the maps page to download them, and keep submitting your maps!