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— Tuesday, April 1, 2003 —

Posted By: Luckie at 1:30:47 AM ET

News Run Down

Alright Everyone, here's the rundown:

Raden is back online.

Communityteam.de has posted an article concerning the next CNC. It's interesting, so check it out. Here's a snippet:
Electronic Arts Los Angeles announces Command & Conquer Renegade 2 “Battlefield” Leading strategy franchise set to storm the 3D action genre.
Today the newly established Electronic Arts Los Angeles team announced the sequel to the reputedly dead 3D action series, Command & Conquer™ Renegade 2, working title „Battlefield“. „Due to the move from Las Vegas to the new EALA studio, and the takeover of the previous Renegade team, additional resources have become available, which can now be used for Renegade 2.
MicScoTho Note: Although it appears legit, take it with a grain of salt. Remember folks, it is April Fool's Day after all. ;-) We'll update this post accordingly if needed.
Edit: Sorry to disappoint you folks, but it was just a clever April Fool's joke.
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