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— Wednesday, March 12, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:25:33 PM ET

Another Dose of Maps

I've got three more maps freshly submitted and tested for everyone today, and I've got another three sitting in my inbox waiting for me to test, so expect those soon.  Here's the info on the latest three maps:

Valley Wars

Max Players: 4
From the Author: This is a money map with a small village in the middle. Crates are located throughout the map. 2 vs 2 battles are effective because each side is linked. There are a few entrances to each base, which should be easy to defend.
More: This is a great map for those of you who love battling with near-infinite supplies of cash. UN crates are scattered across the map, providing quick and easy cash.
File Size: 0.12 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: woodbulb   Email

Dreadly Sins

Max Players: 6
From the Author: Dreadly Sins is a fictional creation of a major terrorist stronghold located a few miles east of Bagdad, Iraq. I dedicate this map to the American armed forces and their Allies who now prepare to fight and die for the liberation of the Iraqi people.
More: A very cool 6 player map. Offers a unique design of mountainous terrain. This map works great in both singleplayer and multiplayer.
File Size: 0.49 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: ZHaDuM   Email


Max Players: 2
From the Author: This is a Middle-East city map....Players start at both ends, the two sides have small humble towns, while the middle of the map has a city that has been bombed to ****... this may be a valuble area if you can repair the buildings...
File Size: 0.05 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: Exoskeleton   Email

As always, you can download these latest maps from our Map Downloads page.

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