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— Monday, March 10, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:28:33 PM ET

3 New Maps

Just in special for the hundred or so visitors currently visiting Generals World at 10:30 EST... three new maps for you to keep ya busy for the night!  They're all great maps, and as always, here's their info.

3 Seasons

Max Players: 8
From the Author: There is a grass area, snow area, and desert area each with a couple of start points. Resources are very plentiful and goodie crates everywhere to keep you exploring. Works with computer players but no AI config was done. Multiple entrances to each base.
More: This is an awesome map for people who love having near-infinite cash! Great map for 8 players.
File Size: 0.3 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: woodbulb   Email

Corner Pocket

Max Players: 4
From the Author: Player starting locations are in each corner of map with a plateau on each side of each base. The plateaus each have ramps leading to oil derriks and oil refineries and supply docks. These plateaus also provide great scud launcher bombardment points.
More: This is map is great for people who aren't looking for the usual, square symmetric map. Plenty of resources for four-player fun.
File Size: 0.03 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: Twisted_777   Email

Oasis Assault

Max Players: 2
From the Author: The map is centered around a small oasis in the desert with an island in the middle. The resources are moderate with the 2 non base corners holding a unique surprise.
More: This is a very neat, well-made, evenly balanced map, especially good for one on one tournament-style battles.
File Size: 0.02 MB
File Type: .zip
Author: DarkCnC   Email

Sound interesting?  Head on over to our Maps Download Page to download these three great fan-made maps.

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