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— Tuesday, December 24, 2002 —

Posted By: JuvScorpion at 7:19:45 AM ET


Hellow guys,

i must apolagize for not posting anything, the reason being that there wasn't much to post! well a big fat jucy and slobber merry christmas kiss to all da galz and a 5 to the guys, enjoy ur holidays while u can!

Well...great news, as you all know that mcschotho posted up earlier that the official CNC generals website is up and man is it fancy in it's design, great job with flash and it is dial up modem friendly meaning it loads up pretty fas on a regular modem, providing quick and reliable acess to the site and its contents. A good suggestion would be to check out the units page cuz u can actually view each and every unit up close so hurry over and do check it out.

other than that we all hope yo enjoyed our - or make that mcschothos 12 days to christmas marathon, why did i say mcschotho's christmas marathon? well its cuz he wuz the one workin hard with providing y"all with the news and all...other than him juvscorpion as well had some nice fancy wallpaperz so thumbs up for him!

well, lets hope i find some news to post up, but wallpaperz will alwayz be on the way.

well, happy holidays and merry christmas to every1...lets all hope santa pops in some generals cd's for me, a good suggestion would be not to leave the fire on or santa gonna get fried!