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— Friday, November 1, 2002 —

Posted By: talal at 5:25:09 AM ET

Mooman 3 Released

This is biiiiiig news...for me at least!

the popular mod moomans rules 3 is now available at modden. Here is some of the addons

Here is a small rundown on some of the features the newest version, V3.0, adds in:

• Full duel support with Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge!
• More special country units/structures added! 4 for each!
• Many obsolete maps enabled for more gaming fun! (YR Tech Expansion only)
• 4 new Tech Buildings added in and many existing Westwood maps modified to include them! (Tech Expansion only)
• 8 NEW skirmish and online game modes. Includes the unique Assault Game Mode (Assault Expansion only)
• Fully online (Internet and LAN) compatible!
• AI now is more of a challange, building larger forces and uses many of the new units and structures.
• Enables a number of obsolete code, graphics, sounds and animations!