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— Saturday, October 12, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:06:07 AM ET

Chat with Delphi

Over at CNC Series, a chat log with Chris (Delphi) in the #WW chatroom has been posted. Ash from CNC Series and Bandit from Generals Xtreme were the main participants in the chat, talking about the allocation of multiplayer test slots to websites. The full log is posted here, but here's a snip:
Delphi: The limited number of slots distrubted.
Delphi: More on the way in early November
Bandit[GenX]: still it doesnt explain why they were limited :P
Ash: So some people get to play more than others why?
Bandit[GenX]: you're saving some for ?
Delphi: I only had a finite number of slots
Jadame_Tamuli: Deah. Bandit got told by Delphi
Delphi: More will be given to me in November
Bandit[GenX]: from the marketing guys ?
Delphi: From the team
Ash: Why were some sites given more than others? Just to add more questions.
Bandit[GenX]: yes good q ash
My opinion? Well, I wish they gave out more slots to sites. We did not get assigned any slots, but even if we did, I would have had to decline them... my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I do appreciate the fact, however, that they will be giving more out in November. I've decided to buy a new PC by then, so I do hope that we will be allowed at least one test slot at that period of time. But to sum it all up, I'd have to agree with this post by Shinano at CNC Universe:
Basically, Chris is saying he has no control over the amount of slots given to him, to give to webbies. It seems to be a case of him saying "don't shoot the messenger," and I'll take him on his word that he fought for more than the current number of slots. However, whoever did make this decision in the hope that it would spawn 'friendly competition' is gravely mistaken, and I hope they'll consider that next time. Hopefully Chris will relay this to his superiors. We don't like being pitted against each other.
Very true. It may be good for competition, in some cases, but nevertheless, as Shinano said, we don't like being pitted against eachother.