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— Thursday, September 26, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:34:44 PM ET

Generals Chat Info

Malc of Generals Bunker has had the chance to ask Chris Rubyor (Delphi) a few questions about the first ever Generals chat! Here's a snip of the interview. For the full interview, go here.
Malc: You've said that a few of the best mappers around have the new editor, so
is there any chance of some new screens of it in action?

Delphi-WS: Not yet, a few more tweaks need to be made before more shots if the interface can be released.

Malc: Any ETA on the Generals chat yet?

Delphi-WS: Yep, the first ever Generals chat with Harvard is scheduled for next Thursday 5:00 PM PST on Game Spy. So go download Arcade now!
Generals Bunker has also found a few threads on the Official Generals Message Boards in which Chris posted these messages:
Delphi-EA: Looks cool, maybe I can swing a few multiplayer test slots. Hmm...
Transnote: Delphi when do we find out the signup details?

Delphi-EA: Marketing guys are telling me tomorrow.
The period of "community speculation" continues...