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— Thursday, September 26, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:22:41 PM ET

New Video

Community Team.de has done it again! They've released their second movie. Here's what they posted on their site:
I am sure u r still waiting for this. :-) Here is the second piece of the "shred selection". Harvard showed us the possibilities of the graphics engine on a special "Test Map". These test maps are prepared to check special features of the game. I have already seen a lot of these test maps during the presentation in Cologne, however I was not allowed to tape this material. But now, I was able to take this snippet :-) enjoy!
This relatively short 25-second video clip is one of those test map in Generals. It shows Dragon Tanks setting trees and Rangers on fire with a blue flame. You can download it from us here or from Community Team.