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— Friday, September 20, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 7:23:49 PM ET

New Video

Community Team has released yet another Generals video. This video is only about 50 seconds, and is rather poor quality, but it has some new things in it. It shows what appears to be a commando, climb up a cliff, plant a C4 in a Chinese Command Center, and then scale back down the cliff. You can download it from us here. Here's what was posted on Community Team's site:
This short snippet is one of three pices of material I dont want to show, because it was made from a verry bad position and realy unprepared. - But, now I will provide this stuff, to make the time between now and the start of the Multiplayer Test short as possible... So dont be scared about the quality... the content is counting :-)
Thanks to CNC Unvierse for the heads-up.