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— Sunday, September 1, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:38:53 PM ET

Ice-Bird.net Generals Screenshots & Preview

Ice-Bird.net (German) has both a new preview and new screenshots of Generals!

Click here for the German version of the preview. An English translated version can be found here, thanks to Gamers Europe.

All 24 of the screenshots and other pictures can be found on this page. Some are miscolored, some were taken with a digital camera, but nonetheless they are new images to feast your eyes on, so be sure to check em out!

In addition to the preview and screenshots, they have released three *new* videos. They are all quite small, but show never before seen footage of the GLA Scud Storm superweapon fireing, the US attacking a GLA base, and the US attacking the Scud Storm. You can download those videos here, here, and here, respectively.