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— Saturday, August 31, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:49:03 AM ET

Community News Update

Here's the latest news from around the CNC Generals online community:
  • CNC Generals Nation has a new layout!  Black, orange, and gray.  Personally I like everything except the top banner, but that will just take a little getting used to I guess.  Anyway, head here to check it out.

  • Westwood Unleashed has a new wallpaper up, made by RcaMumba.  Here's a thumbnail:

    Click the image to view it's full version.

  • Jamie from WW-Unleashed has put together some information from the Official Generals Message Boards.

    Info on the Generals editor:
    The editor will be the same editor the dev teams uses. You will have all the power they have to create maps, ingame movies, and scripted missions.

    Will the editor be made by EA?
    The editor is a product of EA much like every game a developer produces under the name.

    Info on the beta:
    It's not going to be a "DEMO" it will be a "BETA."
    No eta as to when it will begin, that I can talk about just yet.

    Info on online play:
    It will be Game Spy only, no WOL. When I say Game Spy I mean it's the backend that powers matching.
    There will be no Game Spy arcade to use. It will feel just like RA2 and Yuri's revenge when you log in. GameSpy is just the networking stuff running behind the scenes. Does that make sense? There will be no GameSpy Arcade (a secondary program) to play Generals.

    Info on generals features:
    Generals will have full replay capabilities, save them until your heart is content.

  • There's your latest CNC Generals community news!