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— Friday, August 23, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:10:32 PM ET

New Preview Article

According to news posted on the not quite yet Official Generals Website Newspage, there is a new preview up at CNC Planet. Here's what was posted at the official site:
On August 21st, 2002 gaming press from all over Europe and the United States were invited to sunny Irvine, California for a chance to take part in C&C Generals boot camp. During "Boot Camp" all attendee's had the chance to play Generals and sit down with members from the team for one on one interviews. One lucky site from the C&C community, PLANET CNC, had the chance to attend and this morning they have posted up their preview detailing the event along with new screen shots.
And here's a snip of the article:
Tuesday night came in great fashion as the other press members and myself were greeted by a convoy of hummers. This convoy ranged from the normal, every day hummer, the brand new H2 hummers, and even a stretch hummer limo. It was truly awe-inspiring and set a good tone for the rest of the trip. Mark Skaggs, Harvard Bonin, and Amy Farris got out of the limo to greet everyone. After the introductions were done all around we boarded the various vehicles (I got in the stretch because well, it looked the coolest). We popped the cork on a few champagne bottles, had a cheer to Generals and we were off for the restaurant.
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